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Academy Directory

Our Academy Directory is a listing of people who have joined at least 1 or more of our Academy Training Programmes - this demonstrates their commitment in investing in themselves to support you with achieving your goals, both personally and professionally. You can select any of the virtual entrepreneurs listed in our Academy Directory and take comfort in knowing that they have invested in themselves, learning the know-how to be able to provide an outstanding service. As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I know what an absolute necessity it is to have colleagues around to help support me in following through on my business ventures - now it’s your turn!

Andrea Peaslee
Studio Menlo

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What Our Clients Say 

“Michelle, I have a compliment to throw your way as well. I currently “employ” two of your VA Academy students (not sure if they’re grads yet or not) and I have to say they’re OUTSTANDING. Both of them are implementing your setup and it’s making my life very easy these days. I might just have to start harvesting new talent from your student pool!

I would love to know more about what it is you’re teaching these rock stars. Is there info posted online beyond your website that I could check out? Just want to see what type of regimen you are putting these folks on that’s churning out so many competent, reliable providers.

I have to say that I wish every VA I ever came across used your system, because it’s made a night and day difference for me. If I had found you when I started outsourcing, I’d most likely be in a different place right now. A much better one, at that!

(For anyone out there wondering why the heck I’m so happy about Michelle’s program, her VA’s are extremely competent with just about any task you can dream of)”

Robb Bailey

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