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Pete Ashby

I first contacted Virtual Miss Friday for some support with article rewriting early in June 2012. I had decided to rebrand my business and had already made arrangements for creating the new website and in my mind there was just a small “box” that I could fit them in. Little did I realise ... once I saw the quality of the work that Dale (Content and SEO Manager) and his team produced for me, I asked if they could offer more general support for growing my new online business. Dale said that Michelle could advise on social media generally, and so I spoke to her ... and now they have completely recast my website, set me up on Twitter and Facebook, transformed the way I use LinkedIn and generally become a completely indispensable part of my business development strategy.

I’m one of those people who’s always been a bit worried about becoming over-dependent on anyone. But in the case of VMF I’m now – less than four months later – well beyond that stage. I know I need them and don’t mind saying that, because I just trust them completely. Their standard-setting, their engagement, their encouragement, their all round commitment to helping me believe that my business can achieve what I want from it just couldn’t be better. They never cut any corners and never display irritation (at least not to me!) with the fact that lots of my questions about social media are driven by the fact that I’m a novice trying to learn quickly. And their fees are very reasonable too.

So I’m quite happy to put my hand up and say I’m a self-confessed VMF junkie. What helps me sleep at night is that because Michelle, Dale, Marianne and the team are all virtual, I don’t have to worry about what I’d do if they left the country. Some of them already have! And even though Dale and Michelle are now based in Crete, they’re closer than ever.


Jeremy Locke<br />Able Grey

Jeremy Locke
Able Grey

Michelle is an extremely capable and versatile professional, I've yet to discover anything she can't do.

Pete Ashby<br />asaleader.com

Pete Ashby

A completely indispensable part of my business development strategy. I’m a self-confessed VMF junkie.

Dr. Craig Malkin<br />DrCraigMalkin.com

Dr. Craig Malkin

Incredibly efficient, responsive, warm, and collaborative. Her design work is the best I've ever had.

Richard Parker<br />Diomo Corporation

Richard Parker
Diomo Corporation

We have been working with VMF for several years, their attention to detail and sense of urgency is excellent.

Alan Gillies<br />L2L Group

Alan Gillies
L2L Group

I cannot imagine running my business without her help. I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough.

Allan Mackintosh<br /> Performance Consulting Management

Allan Mackintosh
Performance Consulting Management

Michelle is now my first choice virtual assistant. She is very, very capable in everything she does.

Amanda Alexander<br />PCC (ICF), MSc, BA (double hons)

Amanda Alexander
PCC (ICF), MSc, BA (double hons)

I am getting the most professional, most effective and best value virtual assistant service there is.

Andrew J. Cass<br />The Sales Enforcer

Andrew J. Cass
The Sales Enforcer

I've been through dozens of writers and have never seen this kind of due diligence. It shows.

Andrew Mason<br />Keyword Research Service

Andrew Mason
Keyword Research Service

This centralised service consistently delivers. Zero hesitation in recommending their service.

Brooke Ferguson<br />Business Backpacker

Brooke Ferguson
Business Backpacker

I was absolutely blown away by the level of professionalism, attention to detail, and communication.

Carl Ullyatt<br />Learned Investments

Carl Ullyatt
Learned Investments

I said I wanted to set the bar high when I entered the market..... we are definitely doing that.

Diana Samalot<br />The Best Millioniare Creator

Diana Samalot
The Best Millioniare Creator

I have utilized Michelle's services for outsourcing articles. The customer service is excellent.

Dr. Jennifer Leigh<br />YM Psychotherapy & Consultation, Inc.

Dr. Jennifer Leigh
YM Psychotherapy & Consultation, Inc.

I have been beyond thrilled with my experiences working with VMF. She stands out from all the rest

Ed W. Bones<br />Meon Consulting Group

Ed W. Bones
Meon Consulting Group

Total satisfaction. The delivered service has always exceeded initial expectations.

Francesca Gordon-Smith<br />Positive Voice

Francesca Gordon-Smith
Positive Voice

My business was growing and getting increasingly dis-organised. Michelle literally saved the day.

Ginny Edwards<br />Ginny Edwards International

Ginny Edwards
Ginny Edwards International

I needed someone I could trust, I sensed that Michelle was this person, I've not been disappointed.

Harrison Lazarus<br />Harrison Lazarus Advisors, Inc.

Harrison Lazarus
Harrison Lazarus Advisors, Inc.

Michelle and her team have taken a lot of quality work off my shoulders, priceless!

Ibrahim Ahmed<br />Good Dining Co.

Ibrahim Ahmed
Good Dining Co.

Your unique understanding of what it takes to build a business from scratch is priceless.



From my first conversation to the first draft to the finished product - everything was effortless.

Mervyn Rees<br />MervTech

Mervyn Rees

Whatever challenge I give her she is always right there every time, never dropping the ball.

Nadia Crowe<br />World Logic Ltd

Nadia Crowe
World Logic Ltd

Their customer service is first rate and I would have no qualms in recommending VMF for this work.

Nancy Desjardins<br />Health Lady

Nancy Desjardins
Health Lady

It's obvious that she has a lot of experience, she is one of a kind and we knew it right away!

Nick Higgen<br />Selling Online

Nick Higgen
Selling Online

They have provided us with an excellent service in all areas and we would highly recommend them.

Rev Akasha Lonsdale<br />Simply Divine Ceremonies

Rev Akasha Lonsdale
Simply Divine Ceremonies

No matter what I asked for help with, it was always met with a “can do” approach.

Shantih Coro<br />Coro Fitness

Shantih Coro
Coro Fitness

I have used many writers in the past for my articles and you are far beyond, the best...

Shawn Haywood<br />Liberate My Life

Shawn Haywood
Liberate My Life

The owner and her team are genuine, professional, timely and excellent in their field.

Simon Ellicott<br />Liberata UK

Simon Ellicott
Liberata UK

Their understanding, advice and keen willingness to help are always impressive.

Steve Shaw<br />Takanomi Limited

Steve Shaw
Takanomi Limited

Michelle works with speed, efficiency and professionalism, and has added value to my business.

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