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Since 2005, Virtual Miss Friday has integrated exceptional organisational skills, with digital administrative, marketing and creative services to create 1nSourcing™, an alternative Virtual Assistant Service for Digital Entrepreneurs in support of the perfect digital product and service based online business operations service.

Led by Michelle Dale, VA Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad, Virtual Miss Friday serves a global clientele specialising in online business operations, founding and delivering a unique system called 1nSourcing™ for organising, monetising and cultivating online businesses with 6-7 figure entrepreneurs. In addition to this, Michelle also offers a comprehensive online academy with a range of training programmes and courses for virtual assistants and digital nomads to guide them on every step of their journey.


Virtual Miss Friday is far more than simply a remarkable Virtual Assistance Company... As through continuous advancement, expansion and the steady refinement of processes and procedures, VMF has evolved into a world-class Online Operations Consultancy which specialises in cutting-edge digital product business development solutions -- working with select individuals, from aspiring start-ups to corporate multi-national organisations.

In addition, VMF has developed a unique way of working, enabling you to have the widest range of consulting, administrative, creative and technical services and systems available, all from a single - tailor made, professional dedicated online service company.

Through taking an active interest in your business we strive to truly understand your wants and needs and to help you reach – and often exceed your goals and aspirations. We’ve developed a comprehensive range of services that will fit neatly into your business design and offer you a level of personal collaboration which is totally unique and of exceptional quality.

Yaro & Michelle

Yaro & Michelle / Interview

Michelle Dale: Mother Of Three Takes Her Kids Around Europe On A Ten Year “Laptop Lifestyle” Trip Thanks To Her $30,000+ A Month Online Business. Yaro says "This is a truly inspiring story, which I know will motivate you to work towards your own success."

Create 32

Create 32 / Expertise

Michelle was invited to be 1 of 30 Leading World Experts Brought In To "Future Lab" to Create A Vision to be presented to the Austrian government. Her group was focused on "The Workforce of The Future"

Tyrone & Michelle

Tyrone & Michelle / Interview

Michelle Dale who’s started being a virtual assistant herself and managed to apply all her skills and years of experience to build a successful VA service to clients worldwide and eventually enjoy the digital nomadic life traveling and working at the same time.

Adobe & Michelle

Adobe & Michelle / Interview

Co-Founder of Adobe Business Catalyst, Adam Broadway interviews Michelle Dale on "Principles in life and business". Adam says "Michelle was an inspiration to talk to."

Jason & Michelle

Jason & Michelle / Interview

Jason Bax, successful internet entrepreneur and CEO of www.InternetMarketing.com interviews Michelle Dale for his popular podcast "Self Made Entrepreneurs Who Turned Ideas Into Dollars". 

Lead Speaker WEF 2016

Lead Speaker WEF 2016 / Michelle Dale

Lead Speaker at the Women Economic Forum 2016 in New Delhi, India. The subject, Ordinary V Exceptional Living.

Panelist Speaker WEF 2016

Panelist Speaker WEF 2016 / Michelle Dale

Panelist Speaker at the Women Economic Forum 2016 in New Delhi, India. The subject, Law of Attraction and Beliefs.


The Woman Behind virtual Miss Friday

Michelle is an ambitious and experienced Entrepreneur, Online Operations Consultant & Manager, Project Coordinator and Virtual Assistant who quit her job to start her own business, Virtual Miss Friday, in 2005 at the age of 23. She now supports businesses and individuals with achieving their professional goals through the provision of effective, efficient and dynamic online operations support services and products.

Prior to establishing VMF, Michelle worked full-time from the age of 16, spent 9 years in a variety of service based businesses, including Executive/Personal Assistant and Office Manager Roles, in finance, healthcare, product distribution and leisure & tourism in the UK and abroad, while buying and selling 5 properties before the age of 23, and gaining a wealth of business experience along the way.

Michelle, having worked alongside enterprising directors, business managers, celebrities and independent entrepreneurs, is very familiar with managing increasing workloads meeting deadlines with her team. And now, after successfully exceeding targets for her own digital product business and for many clients, by designing and mastering effective methods of office support, she endeavours to support her clients and virtual assistant colleagues with achieving this same success - online.

Specialising in online operations consulting, all aspects of online business development and strategic solutions, Michelle’s services are offered with complete confidence to all of her clients, whether they're looking to develop a new business or simplify their schedule.

As a result of this extraordinary online business skill-set, in 2012 Michelle was called upon to consult for an Austrian Entrepreneurs Association (Create32) in an effort to develop a cutting-edge 'workforce of the future' programme for Austria's government in the year 2032, she has been public speaking since 2015 and has won several awards including 'iconic women in life coaching' in 2016.


Because the above sounds very formal, doesn't it?

In 2005 I had (this is the best way I can describe it) an epiphany, my life wasn't how I wanted it to be, and whilst I didn't know exactly what I wanted back then, I knew things had to change, so in one single day, I quit my job, put my property on the market and purchased a one way plane ticket out of the country for exactly 3 months later, the day before my 24th birthday. That was the start of my new life and the catalyst for developing my online business.

I'm now a wife and a mother, a traveller, an entrepreneur and a teacher. I'm not another wanna be guru with a magic formula, but I do know what it takes to live a life all of your own choosing, and how to draw into that life what you want the most.

I gradually developed a vision for how I wanted my life and business to look, and using 3 core principles (these principles also apply to you, no matter who you are), I figured out through first-hand experience exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve anything you really desire out of life. These are:


This is knowledge you can actually apply your creativity to, and do something with that's based on first-hand experience - not text book theories, or silly fluff filled jargon. Don't just think it, try it.


Understanding the creative power you possess and how to use it is a big (huge) part of the puzzle. For fast results, a success mindset must come before any action takes place. Let intuition guide you.


Being determined is absolutely essential. Embarking on a business venture for purely financial gain, or simply because it 'makes sense' isn't sustainable over the long term. Create with passion!

This site is and continues to be my dedicated life's work, built through the ongoing success and development of these 3 principles.

How my personal lifestyle will impact your business

I think the personal lifestyle of anyone working inside a business is important. I have come to realise that success is a choice, and how I choose to live has a direct impact on my business and that of the people I work with. I'm very aware that a healthier lifestyle and mindset equates to a healthier business - I moderately exercise, eat a primarily plant based diet, meditate and enjoy life to the fullest, and since taking up this kind of living, it's has numerous positive effects on my efficiency, productivity, clarity and overall performance, not to mention my general overall happiness :-) This carries forward into every area of my life and my clients and members also reap the benefits of this too.

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